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Astrocruise - closely linked to Astroprints, this is the hobby website of Philip Perkins with galleries of astronomical images and a collection of articles to assist the astronomer.

Astrocruise Ltd - the business side of Astrocruise. All about protocol software for the telecommunications and and data communications industry (not much to do with photography, but worth giving it a plug!)

Ramsbury Website - the official website of the Ramsbury and Axford community - this is where we are based and many of our landscape images are taken in this area!

Options Glass and Picture Framing - this is where we get most of our picture framing done. Excellent quality and very helpful. Currently they have no website but you can contact them as follows:
Kennet Enterprise Centre
Charnham Lane
Hungerford RG17 0EY
Tel: 01488 682732

Mountain Light Photography - see the astonishing landscape photography of Galen and Barbara Rowell. This kind of work is in a class of its own and clearly involves a tremendous degree of dedication and passion. Tragically both Galen and Barbara were killed in a plane crash in 2002, but through their web site their work lives on!

The Luminous Landscape - Michael Reichmann's landscape photography is of the highest order and tremendously inspiring. Also he provides a wealth of articles, reviews, and technical information on all manner of things photographic. This is a "must visit" site!

Special Acknowledgement to Bruce Marlin - - for kind permission to use his butterfly image in the design of this website. Be sure to view his superb collection of butterflies, bees, beetles, dragonflies, spiders, and all manner of other beasties!

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