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ancient and enigmatic astronomical monument

Planets over Stonehenge
Alignment of the Century

This picture shows a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event taking place in the sky above Stonehenge. On the night of May 4th 2002, all five of the Sun's major planets were captured in an alignment of fascinating symmetry, so rare that few such events, so compact and easily visible to the unaided eye, have occurred since ancient times when this astronomical monument was first built.
Bright Jupiter stands highest, above the left-most sarsen of the central trilithon. The triad of Mars, Saturn and Venus can be seen in beautiful symmetry above the western lintel, while Mercury, fighting the glow of the setting sun, can be spotted immediately to the left of the adjacent sarsen.
For the rest of this century there will be only three other chances to see the five major planets so tightly grouped: September 2040, July 2060, and November 2100. But none of these groupings will afford such a spectacle to the unaided eye as this grouping.
Date: 04/05/2002 : 20:55 UT : Stonehenge, England

Lunar Eclipse over Stonehenge
Moon Between the Stones

Despite clouds and blustery rain showers the reddened, eclipsed Moon appeared briefly through the clouds during the total lunar eclipse of May 2004, captured here as it passed between the stones at Stonehenge.
The rising Moon was only about 5 degrees above the horizon when it appeared briefly, but conveniently located through a gap in the circle of ancient stones. The somewhat eerie, luminous pool of light under the moon is an artistic lighting effect produced by my daughter from her hiding place behind the large sarsen stone to the right of center. As the picture looks toward the southeast, the stone just below the Moon is one of the inner bluestones rather than the famous Heel Stone, which marks the northeast direction of the summer solstice sunrise.
Date: 04/05/2004 : Stonehenge, England



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