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Wessex Portfolio


Here we present a growing photographic collection we call the Wessex Portfolio, focusing mainly on the "North Wessex" region, in particular the Kennet Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, but also with sections on Dorset and Stonehenge.

Ramsbury Panorama
The full resolution master is a 16 bit 11,194 x 2,610 pixel image which makes a panoramic print of up to 40" x 9" with superb quality

crops from the above image showing full resolution detail


Also please visit the following:

The Kennet Valley - a jewel of English Heritage

The Enchanting and Surreal Landscape of Pentico

The Fabulous Coastline of South Dorset

Stonehenge - ancient and enigmatic astronomical monument

Would you like a print?

Prints can be produced in any size you wish, with the most commonly requested being 8x10" and 13x18" for which prices are given in the table below. Prints are of full photographic quality and are produced on archival quality paper. Framed prints are optionally available - these are produced by Options in Hungerford and are of excellent quality. Prices for standard frames are given below. We can cater for a wide range of requirements - please visit the Contact page to enquire and we will gladly help.

Panorama (8x23")
Photographic Quality Gloss Print
Framed Print
Postage and packing (applies only to prints - please contact us regarding framed prints):
£3 per order for up to 2 prints. Example: 2 8x10" prints: £24. P&P: £3. Total: £27

How do I order?
Please visit the Ordering page for more information about ordering, payments, or for general enquiries.



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